Friday, April 22, 2011

"All Men Are Dogs," Regina Purred Contentedly...

Regina had preened at length in preparation.  She now sat upon her perch next to an older, but equally glossy-coated queen with jet-black fur.  Several others sat in the vicinity.  Having warily appraised each other surreptitiously, they were now all studiously ignoring each other, as female cats will do when territory isn't at stake.

Regina licked one paw and ran its moist surface back from her forehead to the nape of her long neck, smoothing the fur on her head back more out of habit than need.  Her keen sense of smell had picked up the fact that the older queen beside her was not longer going to be producing kittens.  This pleased her.  Less competition for the toms who were interested in becoming daddies.

Of the pair across from her, the orange-furred one was in heat, which raised her hackles just a smidge -- Regina was also in heat.  Her companion was champagne-coloured but had been snacking on far too many Whiskas Temptations, judging by her girth.  Regina couldn't see her being much of a distraction for the tom she was impatiently waiting to give the once-over to.

(To be continued...  :-)